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What is MOPS?


The purpose of MOPS is to nurture  every mother of preschoolers by meeting her distinct needs to the glory of Jesus Christ. 


MOPS offers a haven for moms by providing an encouraging, accepting  atmosphere where a mom finds that she is not alone. 


The MOPS group provides encouragement, support, teaching, and friendships in a relaxed atmosphere of caring,  sharing, and fun.  In these relationships moms find answers to their everyday  dilemmas and discover a safe place to explore and discuss life.


Sept—May (excluding school holidays)

1st & 3rd Wednesdays 6:00-8:00 PM


What to Expect:


Enjoy a meal prepared by others that you don’t have to clean-up!


Table Time/Speakers

Leave meetings informed and inspired.



Connect with moms who understand your joys and struggles.



Reconnect to your “inner child” and enjoy a creative outlet!